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The non-profit organization “Fileo” is established in 2007. “Fileo” is sovereign in organization and accomplishment of its goals, interests, and activities regulated by its statute.


The mission of “Fileo” is to become a resource and educational center that will be in function of inclusion and advancement of youth in social trends.The areas of action of “Fileo” are the youth in the sequence of Capacity Building, Mentorship, Activism, Advocacy and Lobbingand Student’s Researches but also education on all levels(elementary, secondary and university education) and tutorship as main component in the sequence of education. As cross cutting sequences of “Fileo” are gender equality, media representation, networking, and multiculturalism. We expect that this will contribute to achieve our vision which is “Fileo” to be recognized organization at European level in representation of the interests of the youth.


The Program tasks and goals of the organization are:


  1. oProgram for capacity building of the youth (organizing courses for foreign languages ​​and computers , building the skills of young people through organizing various thematic trainings and academic support for Roma students)
  2. oProgram for building the youth activism thorough various trainings, camps and small student’s researches
  3. oPreschool program,that is an educational center in the municipality of SutoOrizari
  4. oFostering coexistence among young Roma and non - Roma through various multicultural activities that will help build and maintain inter-ethnic relations.


At the beginning of 2011 our organization managed to get the necessary finance to buy our own facility where we are able to accomplish our program goals and tasks and where all our activities are executed. We would like this facility to become one real Roma resource and educational center in SutoOrizari.


Over the past six years “Fileo” manages to implement its program goals by the help of its donor.At the start of our work we began with just a few activities, but every year our activities have multiplied as well as our results. “Fileo”from its establishment is located in Skopje (Republic of Macedonia) in the only Roma municipality in the world - SutoOrizari, this municipality is multiethnic but predominant is the Roma Community. According to recent research in this municipality there are about 22,000 residents of which 79.1% are Roma; Albanians 11.9% and 7.1% are Macedonians.


“Fileo” in 2013 also updated the program for supporting Roma high school students with scholarships for computer skills, and foreign languages and also workshops for successful accomplishing of the school tasks. These workshops will help in strengthening their knowledge, skills and capacities. This program continuous to be accomplished in 2014, as ithighly motivates the high school students to continue their education at the universities.


The program to support the Roma in the universities in this academic 2013/2014 will focus in several key activities (Academic trainings, student’s projects, and tutorship) that will strengthen the academic and personal capacities of the students.




  1. Project for building up of the capacities of unemployed youth Roma from SutoOrizari that have finished their high school education.
  2. Educational and introduction course in English language for kids and youth from Roma background
  3. Course for introduction, education and work with computers for kids and youth.
  4. In the frames of our program goal we continue with the organization of workshops for building up and rising up of the level of common upbringing, culture, right manners and building in of the true values in youth.
  5. Project trainings for the project cycle for the team of Fileo
  6. Course in playing guitar
  7. Course in playing brass instruments (Trumpet, Trombone and Horne) For the accomplishment of this course we are helped by our friends professors from the music high school “IlijaNikolovskiLuj” from Skopje.


The team of Fileoincludes a total of 6 people and 3 volunteers. The team has prior experience in writing and implementing various projects concerning youth, education and youth activism, and members who know the community in order to better promotion of the results of Fileo.