Completed projects - Fileo  

1.Project for building up of the capacities of unemployed youth Roma from Suto Orizari that have finished their high school education.

2.Educational and introduction course in English language for kids and youth from Roma background

3.Course for introduction, education and work with computers for kids and youth.

4.In the frames of our program goal we continue with the organization of workshops for building up and rising up of the level of common upbringing, culture, right manners and building in of the true values in youth.

5.Project trainings for the project cycle for the team of Fileo

6.Course in playing guitar

7.Course in playing brass instruments (Trumpet, Trombone and Horne) For the accomplishment of this course we are helped by our friends professors from the music high school “Ilija Nikolovski Luj” from Skopje.